Getting started with Skools

How can I become a teacher in Skools ?

Our community offers several programs and powerful tools leading to teaching career development.

You just need to sign-in and create an account then starting your 15 days free trial and proceed to choose the right plan for you!

The best part of the Skools website is there is no training! With no complicated system to learn and teach, learning and teaching here are easier than sending an email

There are many additional programs and opportunities to make a difference in the field of education! We prepare our students to meet the demanding needs of a constantly changing society and to excel in a variety of roles. If you are interested in joining our esteemed community of learners, you can begin learning more about our variety of degree and certification options

Search by degree level: Students Programs, Undergraduate Programs, Other Certificate Programs, and Online Programs and also search by department

General Questions

Who can benefit from this online community?

All the types of students and teachers can get their needs from those online programs, depending on their educational and professional needs

All the projects and programs will be shown on the dashboard when you create your personal account.

You will use the internet in your classroom as either a student or a teacher.

All the programs are offered totally online. Often students are allowed to create their own study schedules using class materials, which are accessible 24-7 through an Internet-based portal. Through this platform, students can also find their assignments, upload homework, participate in class discussions, and contact their instructors

Technology requirements vary according to the program, but skools generally require students to meet basic hardware and software requirements which typically include a computer with a recent Windows, Mac, or Linux operating system, high-speed internet access, Office software, such as word processing, spreadsheet, and slide presentation programs, Web camera, and Headset with a microphone

Payments Questions

When do I pay or select a payment plan?

You will get a 15-days free trial and then choose the right plan for you to complete your journey with skools

yes, we do charge a legal tax

Currently, Skools can accept international credit cards. Please note that the credit card must be issued.

Skools currently accept any type of credit cards like Visa and MasterCard.

You can pay in many currencies, depending on what payment provider you use.

Support Questions

How can I create my personal profile?

Few steps in a few minutes to get your personal profile, You just need to Sign-in and fill in the required information and be ready to start

Now! If you are a student or even a teacher, just getting started to sign-in, create a profile, and join our community

Just check your internet connection and if all is okay, just contact us and we will handle the issue.

Your student account is created shortly after you matriculate your account through the sign-up page, Skools will send you a confirmation email then start to manage your account.

Just 3 steps! Contact us or send us an email or text us.