Who are we ?

Skools brings students and teachers in the education community together in order to help learner and teachers achieve their goals. We create content, technology and platforms that connect teachers and students to each other and help all learners discover their passions and all teacher to improve their skills. Our mission has always been to connect students with their teachers as learning happens, by providing fun and smart tools to support students in real-time.

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Why is Skools the best ?

Personalized learning for students

Students study at their own pace, first filling in the gaps in their understanding then stimulating their learning.

Trusted content

Created by experts, we have a library of trusted practices and lessons that cover all the needed fields and more. Which are always available for our learners and teachers.

Tools to empower teachers

With Skools, teachers can identify the gaps in their students’ understanding, tailor instructions, and meet the needs of every student.