Private tutoring with skools: easy, safe and 100% legal dealings


Education is developing around the clock due to advanced technology. But no matter how technology develops and the world advances, Students will need private tutoring in one way or another. Taking the information directly from one of the specialists in, is better than sitting in a huge place and dozens of students around you listening to the same information from the same person, with low efficiency.


The teacher has to focus on everyone in the classroom, and communicate the information to each student differently, and this increases the burden on the teacher which will consequently reduces the efficiency of the educational process. This private tutoring is indispensable, especially after the Coronavirus struck the world in 2020, and its consequences continued until the time of writing these words in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the world.

Now, does private tutoring have a place in light of the application of the distance learning system in the Kingdom?

The answer is yes, and for more details, lets talks a little about Skools, and how it can be your first platform for private distance learning; As a teacher and student.


Why is skools a tutor's gateway to a better tomorrow?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia seeks to include and integrate technology in all aspects of life, for citizens on the one hand, and government agencies on the other. Overall, distance learning has become the inevitable result of this inclusion. Accordingly, it is imperative for the government to find ways to connect the student with the tutor in a healthy online learning environment, but unfortunately, this environment does not entitle the tutor to apply private tutoring to some particular students and use it as an additional source of income in light of the high cost of living, and it costs the government a lot, and the tutor cannot pay the same cost.


That is why skools is here as one of the educational platforms in Saudi Arabia, which provides everything, offered by the various global education platforms such as Zoom, Google Classroom, and Microsoft Teams, in special price packages for the tutor, and completely free for the student.


Using skools, Tutors can create their own online classes, that allows them to communicate directly with students during and after lessons, insert educational materials on their personal page on the platform, talk directly with parents and follow up the status of children with them, make reservations for special classes through the existing and proposed calendar (so, all classes on dates which suitable for the tutor's spare time), user can rate and wrote a review and the pay easily through 100% secure and trusted payment ways.


According to previous, private tutoring by Skools has directly become an additional income gateway for tutors, who cannot - unfortunately - bear the same costs that the Saudi government provides to launch its electronic edifices. By Skools, you, as an educator, take the best of both Traditional and technological worlds; create your classes, easily communicate with your students, earn through your online explanation from your home without getting tired, and don't deal with annoying technological issues because it is completely in the hands of Skools team. Plus, all that, you earn money and really feel your individual value as a tutor. 


skools and traditional tutoring

skools works not only to grow and improve the private tutoring experience in its electronic form but also in its traditional form. We believe that education as a whole needs much more than sound and image; It needs looks and body language, direct follow-up and real communication between the tutor and the student, and any real factor of the educational process.

That is why skools allows requesting private tutors through the platform in the traditional way, but by communicating with tutors online, as well as online booking. The final goal of Skools is to regulate the private tutoring process in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, whether the student wants to participate in the tutors classes online or to deal with him in the traditional way, but taking advantage of the advantages of reservation and electronic payment in various payment methods supported in the Kingdom.


Students are also counted.

Do not expect that all the above applies only to the tutor, everything that distinguishes private tutoring in the skools platform for the tutor, is at the same time everything that characterizes the student as well. When the tutor is professional in providing the educational material online, the learning experience itself will become unparalleled efficient, and undoubtedly superior to the experience of traditional education in schools and universities.