Better than Zoom and Times: Skools is the first education portal for students and teachers in Saudi Arabia

For a long time, Saudi Arabia has relied on the traditional model of education. The model entailed the teacher standing in front of the student in the classroom, and explaining the educational content on the board, either in a normal way with the marker pen, or smartly with the touch pen. In both cases, the process is not without the presence of the teacher and student in a specific physical space, which is the educational institution. Unfortunately, the Corona pandemic came, and the Saudi government had to act; Indeed, I turned to electronic alternatives such as Zoom, Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams.

All of these platforms need prior coordination, keen interest in the quality of the content presented by the teacher, and finally the student's own interest in the content presented. But since the student is usually not interested in the educational material provided by the educational institution of the country; Usually, most of these classes are overlooked, and the educational process is not integrated to the required extent, resulting in real problems in academic achievement.

This is where Skools comes in. The first Saudi platform specialized only and exclusively in linking the teacher with the student, and placing them in a framework specially made for them. The framework is concerned with helping the teacher to present and present his study material to students in the electronic class, and also helping the student to communicate with the teacher at any time (even after the end of the lesson). In the middle, assessment tests are conducted, and entire pages are devoted to receiving and answering questions.


The importance of Skools for the teacher and administrator

The tutor relies on acquaintances and friends to get students and, by extension, to make a profit in a world with an ever-increasing cost of living. But this matter has become ineffective after the pandemic hit the world hard, everyone is afraid to host teachers in homes, and this is normal and logical. Unfortunately, there are teachers who do not know how to deal with distance learning software as well, and this is another problem.

Here, Skools decided to intervene and provide its services to the teacher, as all he has to do is register on the platform. The team will prepare its own electronic classes, by the name of Skools for only 35 riyals. And this is in an article that the cost of creating classes on other platforms is high: Zoom for 337 riyals, Google Classroom for 22 riyals, and finally Microsoft Teams for 135 riyals.

Note that the classes are run and organized by Scholes, which removes the teacher from the burden of dealing with the very technical matters in them; To focus only on presenting the scientific material and communicating with students effectively.

Institutional educational bodies in governments pay huge amounts of money to obtain licenses to use each of the aforementioned programs, and these are sums that the teacher cannot provide, of course. That is why the nominal price package offered by Skools is undoubtedly the most suitable.

Skools also has a full support team that aims to improve the efficiency of the educational process for both the teacher and the student.


The importance of Skools to the students

All previous programs are expensive, but Skools puts the student first. If a student chooses the same Skools classes to pay attention to other programs, he will not pay anything at all.

Skools is consist to improve the education experience in general in the Kingdom, especially since it is not enthusiastic even after including distance learning as a cornerstone with programs such as Zoom and Times. Conforming to this concern, a "points system" has been included. This system can motivate the student to continue attending the lessons, one by one, without getting bored.

This is in addition to the possibility of communicating directly with the teacher, as well as evaluating him after the end of the class; This is not at all present in other programs, or in the traditional school system. Constant evaluation of the teacher motivates him to stay on top, providing the best content with the best explanation; It is all in the interest of the student.

And if you are reading this now as a parent, it will not cost much, just register on Skools and choose the appropriate teacher, and book directly with him, or easily request a private class, and pay with Visa, MasterCard, STC Pay and other payment methods available in the Kingdom.

What are you waiting for? Come on, subscribe to Skools now, get an exceptional experience and give up Zoom, Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams forever!