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Skools provides everything needed to connect teachers with students and to create the best online classrooms communities with amazing features.
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To help develop education for everyone
We are growing to support education through our services, programs, and remote classes.

  • Skools provides open access to a variety of online classes taught by experts.
  • All lectures at Skools are live to ask and understand every single detail.
  • Skools invented the best e-learning system for you.

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Discover how Skools tools and resources help teachers and students plan, build, collaborate, and develop digital educational skills for the future.

  • Find organized and standard-aligned content
  • Assign assignments, exercises, videos, and articles
  • Track student progress
  • Join millions of teachers and students

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Support the simplest way of learning and teaching with free resources, training and smart tools.
We aim to enhance and simplify everything intended to the students and teachers world!

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Sign-up on skools, create your personal profile and navigate easily to know more about your upcoming classroom. Just tell us what you want to learn and we will show you how to do it.

Face to face video conferencing

From a variety of classes and topics, the choice is yours. Turn your camera on and be ready to enjoy face to face interactions.

Chat and instant texting

You can easily communicate with your students using the text chat feature in an instant and secure way.

Get instant feedback

Students assignments and teachers performance are rated as soon as a class is finished; so you always know if you're on the right track.

Track student progress

Having your own classroom with a specific number of students will help you check and track every student’s progress!

Engage your students

We will help you to easily manage your classroom and help every student succeed with personalized practice.